Dan could still use a full-time job

It’s been a year since my last post and as of the last time I spoke with Dan–a month or so ago–he still needs a full time gig…preferably one with benefits. At the moment, Dan is teaching several classes at the local college (a job for which he is perfectly suited).

I had the pleasure of sitting through quite a few classes Dan created for our former employer both as a student and as an auditor of sorts. His easy-going manner and ability to relate to people of any skill level made him a great teacher. I’m certain his students love him. However…if you have a full-time job that needs filling, please consider hiring my friend Dan.


Got the news last week

And it sound sounds like they’ve definitely decided to let Dan go. I wish it hadn’t worked out this way for him. Had high hopes that they’d keep him on there as a tech after I left. Looks like Dan definitely needs a new job now and unfortunately he’s down to about a month to find it. It’s a cruddy place to be, but at least there’s still a few more weeks before he has to have something in place. More later. Until then, though, please don’t forget to hire my friend Dan.

Not a “good enough for government work” kind of guy

We’ve all at least heard of the typical “government” worker. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that does just what he or she is told to do–nothing more or less. Watches the clock, making sure to take every 15 minutes break, go to lunch on time and leave exactly at quitting time. Dan is not that person.

Dan is the kind of guy who works through lunch (when nobody’s looking) because he wants to get the job done on time. He enjoys working outside the scope of his official job description. He understands “other duties as assigned” can mean just about anything that needs to be done…in fact, he doesn’t hesitate to just get something done when he sees the need. Need help setting up a conference room? Dan’s there and on the job. What about that pile of boxes in the corner…need those broken down and taken out to the recycling bin? Dan’s got it.

In my eight plus years working in state government, I saw plenty of people who did their job “to government worker standards.” Dan always went as far above that as he was allowed. That’s why you should hire my friend Dan.